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Hello, My name is Paul and I am from the UK , I was born and still live in Blackburn, Lancashire in the North of England, I am Fifty Four years old and I have been a chef for over 35 years, cooking in various establishments such as Restaurants and Public Houses in and around the East Lancashire area, in my spare time I like to write, watch Television and films as well as listening to music ,surfing the net, using social media and taking & editing photographs and this is my website to show my Favourite hobby which is Photography as well as a blog to post my opinions on and to be “my space on the internet” I will be posting more photographs of various subjects including flowers, nature and various other subjects.

I bought my first DSLR Camera a couple of years ago and I enjoy learning how to use it, i have also bought a couple of lenses to go with my DSLR but for day to day and ease of use i have bought a Digital Compact Camera Available on Amazon the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ 100 reviewed on Tech Radar which i am in the process of learning how to use.

Hope you enjoy my photography and the website

Thanks Paul

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Email - info@paulderekbrown.com

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